Michelle Wrigley

Daughter of God, Follower of Jesus Christ, Student of the Holy Spirit

This is my true identity. There are other, lesser labels that I’ll share below, but these are the foundations of who I am. 

We often identify ourselves by our jobs, skills, or life roles, but I found all those labels either constricting or unfulfilling. 

When we choose to identify ourselves in relationship to who God is, a whole new world opens up. We are free to simply become who God created us to be.

My goal is to help you uncover your true identity in Christ so you can embrace your freedom.

Daughter of God

I was blessed with a wonderful earthly dad who did his best to love, protect, and guide me. He was an imperfect but a great Dad. I miss him. 

Some of you aren’t so fortunate. The father/daughter relationship may be hard for you. Here’s what I’ve discovered about being a daughter of God.

We are chosen. God adopted, created, and knows us. Despite our flaws, He chooses to invite us to call Him Father every day. He will never disown or abandon us.

We are protected. God sets His guard around His family. Yes, bad things still happen but not because of inattention or failure. His protection extends into the pain of life to comfort, heal, and restore.

We are loved. Unconditionally. Without limit. Perfectly. God’s love is unfailing and sustains us in the darkest nights and hardest places of life. His love invites us into His presence to rejoice, grieve, question, or cower. And in His presence, we emerge more hopeful, healthy, and courageous.

Follower of Jesus Christ

As a Jesus-follower, I’m reminded that I’m not in charge and I’m not in control. I follow the lead of the Creator of the universe. It requires trust because I usually don’t know where He’s taking me. I’m learning to become an adventurer as He leads me down unknown paths and asks me to do what I’m not capable of doing.

Student of the Holy Spirit

I’m a natural student. I excelled in school. I love learning. So this is another label that was easy for me to pick up. The Holy Spirit is our ever present Teacher. But He’s won’t let me skate by and the work is hard.

The best teachers make us stretch and grow. They make us search for the answers rather than handing them to us. They push us out of our comfort zones.

The Teacher is always with us, but we’ll be challenged, frustrated, and even annoyed by His teaching methods at times (or maybe that’s just me).

The Rest of My Labels

Daughter, Sister, Friend

Dad & Brothers

These are precious labels that speak more to the people I love than they do about me. My mom lives about 10 miles from me, she’s just the best. My dad passed away in 2018, he spoiled me rotten. 

I have two older brothers. So yes, baby of the family and only girl. It came with some perks but my brothers taught me to be tough. They both moved “up north” so I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like. But I love them both very much.

Being an introvert, my circle of close friends is small. But my best friend has been my bestie since 3rd grade. That’s over 35 years! We’ve been through a lot together and plan to be retirement home buddies so we can continue the streak another 35+ years. 


I’m an aspiring author, blogger, and copywriter. My greatest desire is that my writing will help you, inspire you, or encourage you in your own journey. 

Single Souls is my second blog. My first is Michelle’s Musings which could be titled “Random thoughts of a Jesus-follower.” 

I’ve written one non-fiction book: The Jesus Spark-Falling in Love with Jesus. I’m working on my first fiction book. It’s definitely a learning process and the Holy Spirit is stretching me way out of my comfort zone on this one. 

I am a freelance copywriter. More information on that side of my life can be found on my business site Spark34. If you wonder why my emails are from spark34.com, I find it’s more efficient to have one email for all writing correspondence.

Equine Professional

Cody (right) and his pasture buddy

This is just a fancy way of saying my background is in the horse world. I work on a contract basis for horse shows around the country. I help manage the shows from behind a computer: show entries, results, and coordinating people to make sure things run smoothly behind the scenes. 

I have two Masters degrees, one in equine nutrition and one in business administration. I’ve worked for two equine associations and one horse farm where I scheduled and taught lessons and did various jobs around the stable. 

I have one horse of my own, Cody. He’s a fabulous boy who’s now retired and I can see him out my bedroom window. 

Outdoor Girl

I love being outside. My family vacations usually consist of camping in the mountains. Travel trailers, not tents, usually dry camping which means no water or electrical hookups. We go four-wheeling, hiking, cook out, play games and just enjoy nature and being together. 

Most of the photos on this site are pictures I’ve taking while hiking and camping. I’m not a professional photographer, but they make me smile and I hope you’ll enjoy them too.