Just One More


Have you seen the movie “Hacksaw Ridge”? The medic carries injured soldiers to safety and repeats, “Just one more” each time he brings one home. Then he goes out to find another.

My mission is to help just one more woman discover her true identity. For when we discover who we are, we find the path to freedom, healing, and fulfillment.

Maybe you are the one I’m here to help. Maybe it’s your sister, cousin, best friend, mother, aunt, or coworker. Together, we can empower just one more woman to embrace her identity as a daughter of God, face her greatest fears, and break free from the lies that bind her.

Jesus left the ninety-nine to find the one. One life matters. You matter.

Do you know that you are a daughter of God? The Father will always seek your good. Embrace your inheritance as a child of the King and watch your life change. 

Join me as we explore the power and peace available through our relationship with God the Father, Jesus our Savior, and the Holy Spirit, our Teacher.

You can submit a prayer request to join our community where we give and receive prayers. We know that prayer changes hearts and changed hearts change lives.

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